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Jul 5, 2013 6:55pm PDT
attention from their own government. >> they're angry over the billions of dollar spent on the 2014 world cup. >> stephen: nation, stand with the people of brazil because i too think soccer is a huge waste of money. a billion dollar stadium for a game that can end zero-zero? i mean, god dam it. just use your hands. they're super helpful. i mean, look... [ cheers and applause ] look, look, look. look, hey, look, guess what. i didn't die. gooooal! for more on this situation way south of the border, joining me now is my latin american colleague, esteban colberto. >> esteban: hola, stephen, y bienvenidos a colberto reporto giante! >> stephen esteban, thank you for joining us. >> esteban: chicas, chicas! >> stephen: what can you tell us about the situation in brazil? >> esteban: [no audio] >> stephen: nothing? >> esteban: nada. soy mexicano. ellos son brasileros. es como comparar manzanas, y naranjas calvas, locas por el sexo. >> stephen: come on. it's all the same culture down there. >> esteban: no, no, no. en mexico, hablamos el hermosos idioma espanol. en brazil, hablan portugues, que
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1